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Azha Luckman
San Francisco

Azha Luckman in front of the Conservatory of Flowers

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Born in Berkeley and raised in Sacramento
(“If you’ve seen Lady Bird, it’s literally me,” she says), Azha Luckman spent her college years in San Francisco, zigzagging at random across the city in her spare time. She found most of her favorite places that way, by getting lost and then discovering new connections. Since graduating, she’s thrown herself into freelance photography; in between client work, she curates art shows and makes a zine called Shade. Coach invited her to take us off the tourist track and show us her personal San Francisco, the living, breathing one that runs from the Mission all the way out to the beach.

Azha Luckman in Japantown (1)

Photographs by Chantal Anderson


All of Japantown is hella cool to me—it’s kind of my go-to place when I’m shooting something and want to feel like I’m somewhere else.

Azha Luckman in the Conservatory of Flowers, SF (2)

Even San Francisco can feel fast-paced sometimes, and it’s really cool to have Golden Gate Park accessible right in the middle of the city. My grandma would take me to the de Young Museum, in the park—and then the Conservatory of Flowers was the first place I ever shot a portrait.

Beach scene (3)

My friends and I like to celebrate birthdays at Baker Beach—on a hot day, it’s great, because San Franciscans act like they’ve never seen the sun. But even when it’s cold, and it feels secluded, I love it—you can just go there and watch the ocean.

Azha Luckman taking a photo on Baker Beach (3)
Gnome statue in front of a bookstore (4)

Green Apple Books is so important. You have this entire magazine and records section, and then these incredible photo books—I was in there for hours the first time I went. And it’s in the middle of this amazing neighborhood, on Clement—dim sum, variety shops, great produce, everything you’d want.

The Roxy Theater (5)

The Roxie Theater is sick.
You can go here and watch The Holy Mountain, or an anime that came out ten years ago—I love doing that. That stretch of 16th Street in general means a lot to me—I get so many memories just from walking by that neon ROXIE sign.


SOMArts is a gallery, it’s a cultural center—I just think a lot of people need to come through and see what it’s about. The art world can feel inaccessible for people like me, and SOMArts does a lot to open it up to young artists, queer artists, artists of color. I love this place.

SOMArts (6)

Glass Key is the best photo place in the Bay. And they’re not just gearheads—you can have those conversations, but you can connect with them as people, too. It’s a community, and they’re really nice and accommodating. They also have so much imported film—it’s crazy. I go there twice a week.

Glass Key Photo (7)

There’s so many things you can do on Geary Street—you can take the 38 all the way, past practically all the things I like. There’s amazing hot pot; the first place I got a tattoo, Picture Machine, is right on Geary; and Glass Key and Green Apple aren’t far from there, either. It’s a pretty significant street for me.

Azha Luckman walking down Geary St (8)