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Jessica Koslow
San Francisco

Jessica Koslow

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Jessica Koslow started her daytime-only restaurant, Sqirl, in 2011, and it’s been a mainstay of Best-of-L.A. lists (including this one) ever since—a place for discerning Angelenos and pilgrims from less produce-blessed towns to marvel, in between bites, over the crispy rice salad and the famed ricotta toast. Coach and Pop-Up Magazine called to ask her where she likes to spend her off-hours—she spoke to us from just off Sqirl’s tiny kitchen, keeping an eye out for new arrivals and watching her team’s dishes take flight.

Jessica Koslow in front of The Hollyhock House (1)

Photographs by Chantal Anderson


Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House wasn’t open to the public until a few years ago—and then the first day it opened was Valentine’s Day, for 24 hours straight. My then-boyfriend/ now-husband and I went over at four in the morning—it was great.

365 Mission (2)

356 Mission is so awesome—it’s a gallery project in Boyle Heights owned by Gavin Brown and Laura Owens. They also have a branch of Ooga Booga, this really cool bookstore, in front. They’ve made it their mission to have a lot of free public programming, too, which is rare in L.A.—there’s activity and action all the time.

Jessica drinking a latte (3)
A selection of menu items from Sqirl

We like to call Sqirl The Center for Contemporary Breakfast and Lunch—it’s only open until four every day, and the menu changes depending on what’s at the market. We just have fun, pretty much—nothing’s off limits. Try the sorrel pesto rice bowl.

Potted cacti near a window (4)

Cactus Store is run by some rad dudes who have a crazy love of cacti. My partner at Sqirl used to use their space as his studio, so we heard about them as soon as they moved in. They have all these unique varieties—I had them do a planter box outside my home, and they put some things in at Sqirl, too.


V irgil Normal is right down the street from us—this guy Charlie took over a motorcycle shop and basically created a lifestyle brand. It’s kind of, like, skate, surf, chill—you know, cool. It’s like a factory of fun stuff.

Jessica standing outside Virgil Normal
Cookbook store window (6)

Oh, Cookbook. The great thing about these guys is that they really shop the farmers market—we’re a restaurant that does that, too, and we see them there every time. It’s a really wonderful place to go, because you know that they’re bringing the best produce to people. That’s special to me.


Kris, the chef/owner of Night Market Song, is a really fun dude—and his place feels like him through and through, which is rare. We basically grew up in the culinary world together, and I still go there all the time—it’s an iconic L.A. place now. He makes the best pad thai I’ve ever had.

Night Market Song (7)

Ilike to go to the Silver Lake reservoir to chill. You can walk the entire reservoir in probably an hour, and there’s a place called the Meadow where you can hang out. (My husband and I actually had our first date there—I picked it.)

Picnic blanket with an assortment of salads (8)