A car covered in sponges and a dog brought together a composer, a filmmaker, and a director. they exchanged 12 pieces of music, 38 images, and seven useless thoughts to create a surreal film on a non-traditional timeline.

By Shawn Lee, Christian
, & Bianca Pilet
Illustrations by Kati Szilágyi

Dropbox Stories

This year, California Sunday Magazine partnered with Dropbox to push the limits of creativity across languages, continents, and time zones.

Together, we curated a list of over 25 creatives from around the world — food stylists, composers, photographers, illustrators, directors, and more — to highlight the three fundamentals of every creative process: collaboration, community, and communication.

From New York to Buenos Aires and beyond, the creatives used Dropbox Paper, a collaborative workspace, to brainstorm and gather momentum in real time — keystroke by keystroke — in one shared digital space. They shared moodboards, sounds, images, and music that would become the fabric of three new films.

When there are no limits except what we dare to think, we create the outrageous and the original. See what happens when 25 creatives from around the world come together to make something new.

Animated image of a car
We used Dropbox and Dropbox Paper to communicate as we selected the proposed music
A creative process involves being clear about what each contributor has in mind
It has become possible to coordinate creativity online, which is great