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My parents were big dreamers and liberal and hippies, and I had friends who were from everywhere.

Our household was always filled with artists, directors, writers, actors, musicians. I have such a distinct memory of there always being music playing, no matter what.

My sister and I were obsessed with the movie Grease. We would listen to the entire record and then just scratch the record all the way back to the beginning without picking it up...

At a certain point, my dad was about to lose his mind, so he just walked into our room one day, picked up the record, broke it over his knee, and walked out. It was definitely our fault. We should have picked up the needle.

Northern and Southern California has a weird beef. Northern California is like the grown-up sibling who’s in college and studying the great philosophers, and Southern California is discovering new bands and hanging out at the beach ... But I like both! I want to be both!

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